Equity Investment Strategy

The equity investments in your portfolio will be primarily invested in traditional domestic and international equities (stocks), fixed income and money markets. To a lesser extent, assets may be invested in commodities, master limited partnerships (MLP’s), Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT’s), or options. Investments are restricted to publicly traded securities which normally have published market values.

Our selection process involves identifying investments that will provide attractive Quality, Growth and Value characteristics, we focus on fundamental analysis and intangible characteristics.

Fundamental analysis includes price/earnings ratios, book value, debt rations, market capitalization, discounted cash flows, earnings growth, dividend growth and price to earnings growth.

Intangible characteristics include quality and consistency of management, business strategy, patents, competition, technology issues, barriers to entry and general economic conditions. Fixed income investments are selected primarily based on quality, safety and yield to maturity, duration, call features, current yield, the yield curve and the general interest rate cycle.