Our Investment Philosophy guides our investment decisions. It is the tool which helps us meet your objectives, preserve your capital, pursue growth opportunities and manage risk.

Our philosophy is based on time-tested, straight-forward and easy to understand principals which steer our experienced advisors to disciplined and consistent practices. These practices identify the best market opportunities and quality investment options appropriate for each investor. The product of our investment philosophy is a well-diversified portfolio delivering strong long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Our investment philosophy is guided by these five key tenets.

QUALTY - We do a thorough study of a company’s management, business strategy, consistency and history. We find significant variances within the corporate world and focus only on the highest quality investments.

GROWTH - The essential characteristic for investment success is growth. We study growth in sales, earnings, cash flow, dividends and business strategy.

VALUE - By carefully determining value, we avoid overpaying and build a margin of safety into our investment process.

DIVERSIFICATION - Traditional diversification approaches do little to identify what an investor can expect from a portfolio. We have developed a proprietary diversification model based on expectations. Our model helps balance risk and returns in a way that adds value and is easy to understand. Your portfolio is diversified among investments which provide Core Growth, Income Equity, Value & Cyclical, Natural Resource, International and Fixed Income exposure.

LONG-TERM OUTLOOK - We believe in Capitalism and the strength, resiliency and innovation of the US economy and look for long-term themes that exploit evolving economic opportunities. Currently such themes include:

  • Energy: The world and especially the U.S. are undergoing a revolution in new and more efficient sources and usage of energy which we believe will have long-term, major investment implications.
  • Agriculture: The US is the world’s greatest agricultural power and our economy will answer one of the world’s greatest challenges — hunger.
  • Manufacturing: The U.S is undergoing a manufacturing renaissance driven by our advantages in technology, cheap energy, innovation, infrastructure and the general resilience of our economy.
  • Housing: Housing is beginning to rebound. Housing-related activity impacts 23% of our economy and is an important, positive factor for the foreseeable future.
  • Global Growth: Economies outside the U.S. offer the greatest long-term growth opportunities but also carry greater volatility, risk and uncertainty. This creates significant investment opportunity within a selective strategy.

By combining our long-term approach to a disciplined model which balances risk and return through our tenets of quality, growth, value, and diversification, we have a tested investment philosophy which can help you achieve your goals.