EGI Financial Model Portfolio

EGI Financial, Inc. maintains three equity focused model portfolios that represent our best investment ideas. Clients may choose to use one of our model portfolios but typically we build individually tailored portfolios for each client based on their individual needs and objectives. Our model portfolios can help you understand our firm’s investment approach for specific objectives.

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Long-Term Growth Equity Portfolio
Long-Term Growth and Income Portfolio
Moderately Aggressive Sustainable Investing Mutual Fund Portfolio
All-Weather Mutual Fund Portfolio

Long-Term Growth Portfolio:

This equity only portfolio is designed to achieve growth of principal over the long-term. Investments are selected based on their potential for new growth opportunities within the next year and with a typical holding period of three years. Investment selection focuses on companies with a dependable growth track record as well as the expectation that earnings growth will exceed the general economic growth rate over the next three years. Large capitalization, financially strong companies are favored. We prefer companies with dependable historic track records that also have a particular catalyst which we believe will spur growth in the near future. We use a GARP (growth at a reasonable price) valuation analysis.

Summary of Growth portfolio activity:

  • Total holdings: 13
  • Top three holdings
    • SPX Corporation
    • Monsanto
    • Google

    Long-Term Growth & Income Portfolio:

    This equity only portfolio is designed to generate current and growing income which is greater than the average yield of the S&P 500 Index while also achieving moderate growth of principal. Our focus is on companies with strong cash flows, strong balance sheets and with a history of regular dividend increases. Typical holding period of investments in the portfolio is three years. The portfolio will typically only hold companies of large capitalization, financially strong companies with dependable historic track records and business models.

    Summary of Growth & Income portfolio activity:

  • Total holdings: 17
  • Top three holdings
    • Microsoft Corporation
    • Sempra Energy
    • Blackrock

    Moderately Aggressive Sustainable Investing Mutual Fund Portfolio

    Sustainable and responsible investing (SRI) is an important concept at EGI Financial. SRI considers not only the financial character of an investment but also the environmental and societal qualities of corporations. Sustainable investing has seen substantial growth in recent years and it is estimated it now influences as much as 10% of all investment decisions. Through sustainable investing, investors are able to encourage companies to strive for constant improvement both environmentally and socially. Those who use sustainable investing hope to benefit from positive long-term financial returns as well as encourage positive societal actions. Here at EGI Financial, we believe in the benefits of sustainable investing and have created a model portfolio of sustainable mutual funds to help investors who share SRI goals to achieve their objectives. Please contact your advisor to find learn more of the benefits of sustainable investing and how we can help your achieve SRI goals within your investment strategy. This portfolio currently contains 7 sustainable mutual funds recognized by the US SIF: The Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investments.

    Summary of Sustainable Investing Mutual Fund Portfolio

  • Total Funds: 7
  • 70-80% Equity
  • 20-30% Fixed Income
  • All-Weather Mutual Fund Portfolio

    The objective of this mutual fund only portfolio is to achieve long-term growth of principal with reasonable stability. It is a balanced portfolio; meaning it holds funds that invest in both stocks and bonds, with growth and value investment characteristics and includes both U.S and international investments. Funds are selected based on investment style, management technique and performance track record. The portfolio currently consists of nine open-end mutual funds.

    Summary of All-Weather Mutual Fund Portfolio

  • Total Funds: 9
  • 70-80% Equity
  • 20-30% Fixed Income